Meet the pioneers of our rich Mancunian neighbourhood.

We are super excited to be launching something near and dear to our hearts here at Hotel Indigo – Manchester Victoria – ‘The #BeAPioneer Series!’
We believe that our neighbourhood is the place where anybody with an idea can change the world; from opening England’s first cotton mill in 1783 to producing one of the first newspapers in 1821. Our city is well-known for its iconic pioneers paving the way, with hard work and dedication they have made Manchester what it is today, which brings us to one question; When you think of the history of Manchester, what is the first thing you think of?

For us, it’s all the legendary pioneers who make this extraordinary city what it is today. In all developing industries, from the canal construction to textiles and trade, there has been at least one prominent person who has put Manchester on the map.

This city is embedded in its tough industrial past; it’s known for character, resilience and an unending desire to be different. This neighbourhood is the place where history and its hard-working people really deserve the spotlight, and here at Hotel Indigo – Manchester Victoria, we think these legends need to be celebrated.

Starting from the month of August, we want to cheer on as many pioneers as possible! Manchester is full of unique characters that are continuously changing the norm, and we are lucky enough to have many of them in and around our neighborhood!

Our #BeAPioneer series will give us that chance to shine the light on these great stars and what a month to start with. Kicking off August, and also our first edition of the blog series, is the legends of #ManchesterPride. Over the bank holiday weekend, the city transforms into every colour of the rainbow and thousands of people take to the streets, all in support of the LGBT+ community. As Pride month begins around the world – commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – we couldn’t think of a better time to remember and commemorated the extraordinary pioneers that battled for gay rights! Our hotel is situated in a great location for a Manchester pride hotel.

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