A Pinch of Kindness from the Team at Hotel Indigo – Manchester Victoria this #WorldKindnessDay!

World Kindness Day falls on the 13th of November every year. It was introduced in the ’90s by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of kindness NGOs. The idea of #WorldKindnessDay is to highlight good deeds and making others feel special, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness. Days like today we need to take a moment and really appreciate all the kindness there is in the world. The kindness we receive and offer on a day to day basis here at Hotel Indigo – Manchester Victoria to our fellow colleagues, guests, friends or even a friendly stranger – they don’t go unnoticed!

We really pride ourselves here at Hotel Indigo on our service. Our team from the front desk, to housekeeping to the waiters in Mamucium, will do everything they can do to go above and beyond to make our guests feel welcome. We believe it’s the small acts of kindness that can really make a person feel special – everyone always has that one situation that sticks with them – we asked some of our team what ‘pinch of kindness’ memories they have:

Kata – Front Office Supervisor


‘I will always remember a lovely couple that was checking in for their wedding. The day of the ceremony, it was miserable, raining cats and dogs! As they were about to leave the hotel there were no more umbrellas left at the front desk and there was no way they could go out without one! I found my own personal umbrella in my bag and gave it to them. When I saw the photos a few months later, there was my umbrella in their wedding photos – made my day! I was happy to help, and I love the fact that one gesture will be with them and me forever.’

Nicole – Waitress in Mamucium

‘I always remember a couple when we first opened. They woke up late and came rushing down to breakfast (it was a Saturday, so we were really busy!) They only had 20 minutes to catch their train and I could see they were just about to leave. I told them to take a seat, I rushed in the back and made them to-go bags and some coffee. I remember how happy they were, that made my day!’

Morgan – Pastry Chef

‘I once helped a gentleman out with his engagement to his lovely (now) wife. He had no idea what to do and wanted to make it special. I asked what her favourite things were to do etc and he told me she loves sweets and chocolate and.. that’s definitely my specialty! I designed him a plaque covered in her favourite sweets and written in chocolate ‘will you marry me?’ She, of course, said yes – I’ll always remember this and I’m sure they will too!

If you haven’t had the chance to meet our lovely team, book your stay with us! And, remember it might be a small gesture but that can always make someone smile – share the kindness today!