The History of The Printworks

Unveiling the Rich History of Manchester’s Printworks: From Newspaper Hub to Entertainment Haven 

Explore the captivating journey of one of Manchester’s iconic landmarks, the Printworks, as it evolved from the historic Withy Grove Printing House in 1873 to the vibrant entertainment complex we know today:  

1873 – 1924:  

The Birth of Withy Grove Printing House Nestled at the corner of Withy Grove and Corporation Street, Withy Grove Printing House was founded in 1873 by Edward Hulton. Over the years, it transformed and expanded under the stewardship of Sir Edward Hulton, becoming the epicentre of newspaper printing in Manchester. The building changed names several times, from Withy Grove Printing House to Chronicle Buildings, Allied House, and eventually Kemsley House. 

1925 – 1984: The Rise of Kemsley House  

Kemsley House gradually became the largest newspaper office and printing house in Europe from 1929 onwards. It was a bustling hub of journalistic activity, producing renowned publications such as the Manchester Evening Chronicle and the Daily Mirror. Known as the ‘Fleet Street of the north,’ Kemsley House played a crucial role in disseminating news outside of London.  

1993 – 2015: Transformation into The Printworks  

Following the 1996 IRA bombing, the building underwent a transformative journey. In 1998, Shudehill Developments, a consortium featuring the Co-operative Wholesale Society and Co-operative Insurance Society, acquired the property. Rebranded as The Printworks, it underwent a remarkable £110 million redevelopment as part of the Exchange Square project. On November 9, 2000, the newly minted Printworks opened its doors as an entertainment centre.  

Present Day 

Today, The Printworks stands as an entertainment hub, with an Odeon cinema complex and 10 renowned food and drink establishments. Visitors can also enjoy many entertainment options including tenpin bowling and treetop golf.  

Stay Close to the Action 

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